Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dashing through the snow...

...on a one horse open sleigh.  Oh wait, it's July.  It may be scorching hot outside, but I've got the tinkling sound of sleigh bells on the brain after playing with finger-bells this morning at storytime.   For just a few dollars, you can  pick up a package of bells at your local craft store and create your own musical instruments. Bells can be sewn onto strips of cloth or, for the domestically challenged like myself, tied to a loop of yarn. It can be worn around the finger, on the wrist or around little ankles. You can easily make enough to involve an entire class or play group in the fun.  So the next time you're draped over an air vent seeking refuge from the 90 degree heat, try playing musical bells with your children for a reminder of cooler weather to come. 

Get started by ringing your bells to Laurie Berkner's Chicken Song on her CD, Whaddaya Think of That?

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