Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Indoor Elephants are Dangerous

So are really big chickens.  Maybe dangerous in the milk-might-come-out-of-your-nose-if-you're-reading-this-while-drinking kind of way.  Keith Graves’ new book, Chicken Big is not your typical misfit story.  It does deal with themes identity and belonging, but it’s also filled with a hilarious supporting cast including a paranoid frizzy-feathered chicken who is always yelling “run for your lives!” Graves' clever comic strip illustrations highlight the big chicken's unique talents (rain shelter and a fox-chaser) and some outrageous reactions to his unusual size.  All of this is enhanced by the author's exceptional ability to include humor for kids AND their grown-ups.

Grab this book for a good laugh after a long day filled with back to school activities. Your children will get a kick out the extra bits like the author’s bio (he’s a Professor Emeritus at the Chicken School in Austin, TX) and you’ll be ready and willing when, at the end of the book, they demand “AGAIN!” Just make sure no one has a mouthful of milk.

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  1. Can't wait to read this one -- thanks for the recommendation! acs