Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Robot Reading a serious condition and everyone is at risk!  Its causes include, but are not limited to,  reading when your eyelids are threatening to slam shut, and/or reading when your child is likely to have a meltdown at any moment.  This type of reading lacks emotion or enjoyment and is dangerous to your sanity and your child's future reading success!  Here are a few tips to help you avoid this dangerous disease. 

1.  Read to your child when you are both in a good mood.  Your child will be more willing to listen to stories if you are enjoying them (i.e. not reading a picture book like you would an IRS instruction manual) and if the child isn't overly tired or stressed out.

2.  Reading to your child for twenty minutes each day does not have to be done all in one sitting!  Read for small increments of time throughout the day and you're both more likely to enjoy the experience.
3.  Find ways to liven up your reading with silly voices, puppets, or songs.

We've got number three covered!  As storytellers we try to accomodate your busy schedule and create opportunities for you and your child to enjoy lively storytimes together (especially if you don't have time during the work day to do so).  Beginning September 20th we will hold two evening storytimes each week that will incorporate music, rhymes and fantastic picture books for your child and provide you with a chance to meet other parents and learn a few storytelling tips yourself!

Monday @ 6:30pm Tot Tales -- for children ages 18-36 months and an adult
Tuesday @ 7:00pm Preschool Storytime -- for children ages 3-5 and an adult

For more information about our storytimes, check out:

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