Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NO Problem

No, really, I’ve got a “No” problem. Would you sometimes like to magically “un-teach” your toddler this word? If you answered YES, here’s a little comic relief to share with your emphatic little tyrant.

Mimi, the mole-ish looking protagonist, finds out what happens after she says “NO.” For example, Moms are good at helping put on tricky purple jumpers, pouring milk on cereal and catching you at the bottom of the slide. Mimi’s final NO is to a hug from her mother. Don't worry, she wants to be the one giving the hug. So, while you stick it out through the "NO" phase, remember that your toddler is developing sense of self and autonomy (the silver lining: big boy/girl underwear is just around the corner). In a few years you’ll remember it fondly when he/she's in the "but-everyone-else-has-one" phase.

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