Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DO wear fancy underwear.

DON'T hang upside down on the monkey bars.

Underwear Do's and Don't's is just one of the many hilarious and heart-warming books by Todd Parr.  His illustrations are bold and simple making them great choices for the very young, and his ability to relay the humorous truths of parenting young children make them great choices for grown-ups of any age. 

Some months ago, I found that our final copy of Underwear Do's and Don't's had been loved to pieces. Literally.  I was even more upset when I found that I couldn't reorder it.  In a last ditch effort to procure another copy, I found Todd's website and sent him an email about how much we love to share his books in our storytimes. 

Weeks went by and I'd almost forgotten about my request when a package arrived at the library.  You guessed it.  A copy of Underwear Do's and Don't's, signed by the author himself.  He also sent us this picture with and a sweet note: 

Look for one of his many books the next time you're in the library...but please DO keep your fancy underwear to yourself!

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