Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can make you say "banana."

But you'll have to read this book to find out how...

The best way to help your children become familiar with books is to READ to them.  Yes, it really is that easy!  You may hear someone refer to this as "print awareness," and it simply means your child is starting to grasp that you are reading the black squiggly lines on the page instead of just describing the pictures.

Granted, any book will do, but why not practice with a hilarious option that makes the reader part of the story?  Mo Willems' most recent We Are in a Book! does just that and has the added bonus of two familiar favorites, Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig.

If you love Mo Willems as much as we do, join us for a family storytime featuring some our favorites on Saturday, January 29th at the Centerville Library. It is appropriately called More Mo (I bet you can get the storyteller to say BANANAS)!

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