Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will Tumble for Books

If the current weather conditions have caused you to panic about the lack of entertainment material in your home, I've got a solution.  It doesn't require you to run out and buy batteries, an instruction manual, or a fifty dollar game.  All you need is an internet connection...and this bit of insider information. 

The library has a subscription (i.e. we pay for it so that you can use it for free) to Tumble Books, a website with hundreds of picture and early chapter books that allow kids to follow along on the screen while the story is read to them.  So next time you're at a loss for how to enjoy stories during our winter break from storytime, or when your own library bag runs low, check out the fabulously interactive storytelling on Tumble Books.  Go to and click on

If you have a smartphone, this website also works on the bookmark it for the next time the doctor is running behind and you need some entertainment stat!

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