Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You Tarzan?  No, you blog-reader-who-is-most-likely-tired-of-my-nerdy-introductions.  Thanks for indulging me anyway.  I promise this book is worth the corny 1930's movie reference.   Bound and illustrated to look more like a young naturalist's journal, this is much more than just the story of Jane Goodall. It chronicles her early childhood and the sense of excitement she felt when she discovered things about the natural world around her.  It even ends with a photograph of the real Jane and a chimpanzee friend.

This is a perfect picture book for nature lovers and anyone with a passion for exploring!  Try making a nature journal with your child and recording the observations you make around your neighborhood.  Using  exciting experiences like outdoor adventures to practice reading and writing with your child can help prevent summer learning loss.

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