Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tattletale Explosion

Little sisters can be a real pain.  Then again, so can big sisters.  I should know, I'm the latter. This picture book of poems is an ode to the complex, hilarious, often irritating, but always mostly loving relationship between two sisters.  The chaotic pencil sketches capture the endless ways in which they annoy each other, but also the many ways they comfort each other. 

One poem, appropriately titled "Snooping," explains that, "One good thing about a little sister / is that if I give her a boost / she can reach / that mysterious box / hidden / on the top shelf. / One bad thing about a little sister / is that she can't keep secrets. / When my secrets / are inside Emma, / they leak out slowly, / like air out of a balloon, / or fast -- / in one enormous Tattletale Explosion." 

Pick this up in preparation for summertime squabbles as a way of reminding siblings about the special (if not always friction-free) bond they share.

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