Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Change the first five years and you change everything.

A parent or caregiver who is committed to incorporating activities like reading, singing and playing into a child's life has the power to dramatically change who that child will grow up to be.  This clip shows the shocking juxtaposition between what a child's life looks like with and without this positive influence.

We have been hosting Every Child Ready to Read workshops for over five years and are excited to present a new and updated version this fall!  Through workshops that encourage fun and easy ways to involve early literacy in daily life we can reach parents and caregivers in our neighborhood, encourage the cooperation of other community partners, and most importantly change the first five years for our children.

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  1. This video is devastating and soaring. Everyone who cares about children should see it. I've watched it several times, and each time if totally reaffirms my commitment to supporting library youth services. Thank you for posting!