Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Press Here.

Does deceptively simple and utterly delightful sound like your kind of picture book?  I dare you to pick up Herve Tullet's Press Here and not smile to yourself as you turn each page.  Each spread shows colorful dots and instructions for what to do with them.  Pressing, shaking, and rubbing make the dots change color and rearrange themselves on the page.  The premise is perfect for getting children involved in the reading process.  The "instructions" are funny and conversational.  After one page asks the reader to shake the book, the following page shows most of the dots have "fallen off."  The text reads "Oooops.  That might have been a little bit too hard.  Stand the book up straight to make those dots drop down again." 

If you can't get enough of these shape and color concepts, you'll love Lots of Dots and Dog's Colorful Day

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