Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schooooooooooooool's OUT. FOR. SUMMER!

Okay, almost out.  As you know by now I can't resist a catchy song lyric as a blog title.  Plus, it gets me in the spirit for my favorite event of the year: Summer Reading Club.  I love the smell of sunscreen that wafts through the building as kids stop in after a trip to the pool, and the pride on their faces when they turn in a list of what they've been reading.

This year our theme is all about heroes, of the local and super variety.  We'll be having crafts and programs throughout the summer centered around all things SUPER.  Kids get prizes just for signing up and we have a number of raffles and contests to keep them motivated.  One of the best ways you can prevent summer learning loss in your school-aged children is to make sure they are reading over the summer. 

If you have a baby or toddler, they can participate in the fun too!  In addition to an getting activity sheet full of early literacy tips, songs, and games you can play with your little one, you can also win free board books.  Join us starting June 6th! 

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