Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Power Hour

This past Monday, Centerville Library experienced a brief  power outage.  One moment the room was bustling with post-storytime activity and the next: total darkness.  A collective, "Ummmm?" could be heard as we all fumbled around blinking in the blackness.  Thankfully our generator kicked on and the power came back shortly after that, but it reminded me of a picture book appropriately titled, Blackout.

Rocco's gorgeous illustrations depict a city family using the computer, talking on the phone, watching TV, and generally being "much too busy" one summer evening. Then, suddenly, the lights go out and "nothing worked at all."  After finding candles and flashlights, the family soon becomes too hot and bored to stay cooped up inside.   They head to the rooftop where, much to their surprise, they find a "block party in the sky" illuminated by the stars and attended by all of their neighbors. 

Kick off a No Power Hour in your house by sharing this book with your kids.  Turn off computers, TV's, videogames and lights if you are REALLY adventurous.  You might rediscover an old favorite for reading aloud by flashlight, or find that candlelight charades with excited little ones are worth waiting one more day to watch that sitcom on your DVR. 

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