Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Want My Hat Back

It is red and pointy, and frankly, the weather is getting nasty, so it is very important I find it.  This is essentially bear's dilemma.  Bear looks a bit more like an over-sized otter to me, but who am I to question the masterfully wry illustrations of Jon Klassen.  At any rate, this otter-ish looking bear queries an assortment of forest animals as to the whereabouts of his beloved hat.  They all agree they have not seen the accessory in question. 

Astute preschoolers will notice that a certain bunny is sporting a suspiciously red-ish, pointy-ish hat, but it takes Bear a few more pages to remember this detail about the guilty rabbit.  In a climax that may leave some in shock and others rolling on the floor, bear indeed reclaims his hat, and errr..."dispenses" with the rabbit.  When squirrel embarks on a similar journey, this time searching for the now-missing rabbit, bear swears, "I haven't seen any rabbits." 

This is surely a book that preschoolers, once they are in on the joke, will want to share with others, waiting eagerly to see their reaction when they discover what bear has done.  This is also an excellent choice for readers in early elementary grades learning about reading and writing dialogue, as each of the animal's lines appear in a different color.  If stories of comeuppance aren't your cup of tea, pass on this one.  Personally, I think the rabbit had it coming.

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