Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution # 1: Be Less Prickly

Pearl LOVES to hug.  Unfortunately for the recipients of this enthusiastic show of affection, she's a porcupine.  Tired of her friends saying, "Ouch! Thanks, Pearl. Ouch!" when they get hugs, Pearl sets out to find a way to be less prickly.  She tries pincushions (but she can't reach her back quills), a long bath (quills don't get softer), and even a quillcut (they grow back rather quickly).  Finally, inspired by a thorny rosebush and some buzzing bees, Pearl crafts the perfect dress from a rose-printed pillowcase.  Her new wardrobe choice protects her classmates from her quills and she hugs everyone...twice! 
This new year, make a resolution with your little ones to hug more often and to try being a bit less prickly.

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