Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cuddle Close and Have a Look

I love reading books to children and I love when parents or grandparents later tell me how they have storytime at home, just like Miss Pam does it. The children delight in singing "open-shut them" or "cuddle close and have a look" in front of their favorite stuffed animals or dolls. Then they begin to read - either they've memorized the story or they "read" the pictures to their small, quiet audience. What a joy! These things don't just happen - children who have this devout interest in books have been read to since they were born. They have been allowed to play with, chew on, and look at board books since a very early age. Their parents probably bring them to the library for storytime and allow them to pick out their own books. These are the children who will start school already reading or will pick it up very easily in the first months of Kindergarten.

Start your babies on this path - pick up some wonderful board books. We have hundreds to choose from! Let your child get acquainted with them. Board books are so great - they're made of sturdy stuff and can withstand being chewed on, walked on, or thrown around. They are just the right size for little hands, purses, or diaper bags. Choose ones with bright colors, pictures of babies, or things children can easily recognize - dogs, cats, balls, trucks, etc. Find ones with textures to feel or flaps to peek under - it's all fun! It's something wonderful to do for our children and the enjoyment will last a lifetime. Check out the great board books available at the library! Guest post by Pam R.

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