Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Favorite Color

You may have guessed my favorite color by the scheme I chose for this blog.  Light green, forest, lime, or Kelly, I've got something in every shade.  I love it even more this time of year when the bare tree branches in my yard sprout new green leaves seemingly overnight.  Laura Vaccaro Seeger captures the variety and excitement of each special shade in her new book appropriately (if not very originally) called Green

Each double-page spread explores a different shade of green and features a tiny cut-out shape that hints to what might be on the next page.  Two pages in the middle invite the reader to decide what to call that particular variation of the color.  Making up silly words with your children is a great way to have a special inside joke and it also encourages creativity with language.

Pick up this title just in time for the greenest holiday of all, Earth Day!

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