Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

This post is dedicated to my sister, a second grade teacher who first introduced me to Marcel's particular brand of pluck and whimsy.  When I discovered a copy of his book on a recent sortie to the book store I knew I had to have it for the library.*  In addition to his quirky picture book, Marcel also stars in three animated short films, all of which can be viewed on YouTube. 
As the title of his book describes, Marcel is a shoe-wearing shell who lets the reader in on the challenges and thrills of being tiny in a normal-sized house.  He explains, " My car is a bug. If you do drive a bug you have to be pretty easy going because you are only going to get to go where the bug wants to go.  One week there was a maple sugar syrup spill in the kitchen and every time I would ride the bug no matter where I wanted to go I would just end up back at the kitchen.  Really what you just have to want to do is take a ride."

To break up your normal reading routine, share this picture book and then take a look at one of the animated shorts. Your kids won't be able to get enough of this good natured little shell and you might just find yourself incorporating Marcel-isms into your daily life.  For example, he asks his reader, "Guess why I smile a lot?"  The answer: "Uh, because it's worth it."  Indeed.

*As of this post, Marcel was still being barcoded and labeled at our cataloging center, but never fear, his tiny little shoes will soon be available on shelves at both library locations!

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