Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Be Bold

...with your pattern choices - in fashion and board book illustrations.  I love how eye-catching a sharp houndstooth or a retro chevron stripe can be. The authors of Amazing Minds would have us adopt this style sensibility when choosing books for very young babies.  Here's why: "When babies stare at strong contrasting edges, they're determining where objects begin and end.  The bolder the edge, the easier it is to determine, hence the attraction toward strong and obvious contrast of black-and-white stripes, checkerboards, and bull's-eyes."  This title expertly combines scientific studies on child behavior with useful tips and tricks for parents.  What babies are capable of, even in the first few hours of life, will astound you!
So, resist the urge to fill your baby's bookshelf solely with soft pastels and Pat the Bunny look-alikes.  Instead, opt for bold black and white books and ones with bright colors in both the negative and positive space. Peter Linenthal's newest Look Look Outside! is the gorgeous houndstooth scarf of board books.

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