Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Handful of Carrots

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of arriving home from school and running to my room to see if my mom had left anything special there.  These memories might be why I adore Pinkwater's newest book, Bear in Love.  Perfectly illustrated by a gentleman I have had the pleasure of meeting, Hillenbrand's artwork somehow manages to infuse a giant brown bear with a quirky, genial nature.

This is a story about the excitement of finding a surprise left for you, but also about how enjoyable leaving something special for someone else can be.  The "mailbox" in this narrative is a flat rock and the special somethings start out as carrots and go on to include some honey, a daisy, a paw-ful of blueberries, a cookie and a scavenged candy bar (with only two bites missing!).  In the end, a meet cute unites the mystery friends and they sit "side by side in the clearing, singing songs as the sun went down."
If socializing with the delightful Will Hillenbrand sounds even more exciting than a scavenged candy bar (with only two bites missing!), consider coming to A Tasting with Friends on September 13th where he'll be one of our guests!  This is an opportunity to leave the little ones at home and enjoy some grown-up conversation over books and beverages.  You could even bring home a signed copy of Bear in Love as an extra-special surprise.  That's certainly more exciting than a handful of carrots.

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