Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Am Going!

Ever the humorist, Mo Willems portrays the fear of separation best through my old friends Elephant and Piggie (I can call them "old friends" because we bonded when they were here a few weeks ago). 

In this 2010 title, Piggie announces, as we all must someday, "I am going."  To which Gerald replies, "You are going?! You are going away?!  You cannot go! You must not go! I WILL NOT LET YOU GO!!!"  Luckily Piggie is only going to lunch (a big lunch) so Gerald's fears are calmed.
My own plans will take me away for a bit longer than a lunch break.  Starting next week, I will be at home with my daughter and thus will be seeing many of you far less than I would like.  I will cherish the time we spent together choosing books, laughing at storytime, and singing "Open Shut Them" at the tops of our lungs.  I will still be around filling in an occasional hour here and there and enjoying storytime, this time from the audience.  This blog will continue of course, kept afloat by a number of great storytellers who are wonderful women and friends.  You, dear reader, are in for a treat if their recent round of guest posts are any indication!

Oh, and if you're ever in the mood for lunch (a big lunch), I do love catching up with old friends.

Much Love,
Miss Jenna

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