Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Have you ever noticed that children love to mimic animals from a very young age? Many of our young patrons come in for storytime and greet Bobo, our monkey mascot, with a monkey’s “oohhh—ahhh—eee”. Some even include the actual arm movements monkeys make when “talking”. It’s a fun activity to act out with your child when reading together about animals.

The newest picture book from Lorena Siminovich titled Monkey See, Look at Me! is a great book to read together and to act out different animal sounds and actions. Little monkey jumps up and down and says he’s a rabbit, but then his friend Rabbit says, “No, silly, I’m the rabbit. See?” and then bounces "off" the page. It’s a fun, interactive book that allows kids to show off their jumping skills or to roar like a lion! I will definitely read this story in my toddler storytime this coming fall!

Speaking of storytime, registration begins Monday, September 10 at 10am for Baby & Toddler Fall Storytimes (Preschool storytimes do not require registration).  Check our times and locations on our website to register beginning Monday morning. If you’re worried your little one is a little too rambunctious for storytime, no worries! We encourage little ones to walk around and once they’ve attended storytime a few times, they’ll start to remember the songs and want to sing along and dance with the other parents and children. As we know, little ones love to mimic others! Guest post by Amy A.

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