Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York, Baby!

I realize now how lucky I was to go on family vacations almost every year in my childhood. The experiences we had were always great and definitely shaped who I am today. And no, we didn’t go to amusement parks. We were the family that went to historical places, like Franklin Roosevelt’s house. At the time I didn’t appreciate it, but now I know how lucky I am to have had those experiences.  

If you’re lucky enough to go on a vacation this year, think about all of the exciting things your little one can learn from these experiences and all of the interesting conversations you can have together. Imagine if you would go to New York City, a place with so many diverse people, places and events. A new picture book by Ward Jenkins, New York, Baby!, explores NYC through a toddler’s eyes. They visit Central Park, take in a Broadway show, Times Square and, of course, have a tasty treat on the famed Bleecker Street! (Myself, I love to have a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker!)

The vibrant illustrations help draw the child’s eyes to all of the attractions. When you come to the page with the toddler riding the bus, talk about different modes of transportation like the bus, the taxi, or the subway. Introduce a new word, like skyscraper, and talk about the different bridges, along with the Statue of Liberty. All of these words or places might be a completely new experience for a child that has only lived in the suburbs/rural areas. You never know - you may be laying the groundwork for a future architect or city planner!

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