Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Your Typical Dragon

Not Your Typical Dragonby Dan Bar-el, tells the story of a little dragon, Crispin Blaze, who couldn’t wait for his 7th birthday, the day when he would be able to start breathing fire like all of the older dragons. Surprisingly for Crispin and his family, when he tried to light the candles on his birthday cake, whipped cream came out of his mouth instead of fire. Then, when he went to the doctor to get it checked out, he breathed out Band-Aids! Medicine and other remedies didn’t to help; Crispin seemed to be able to breathe out just about anything BUT fire! 

Ashamed and fearing disappointment from his family for being different, Crispin ran away from home. In the woods, he came across a knight named Sir George. Sir George tried all the tricks in his knight training book to help Crispin, but nothing worked. At nightfall, Crispin decided that he wanted to go home, and Crispin’s parents were relieved to see their young son return safely. Sir George’s parents arrived at the dragons’ home shortly thereafter, in search of their son. Then, after hearing that Crispin was unable to breathe fire, Sir George’s father broke out in laughter. Crispin’s father, acting in defense of his son, breathed fire at the man and managed to set the lawn, fence, and house on fire! Much to everyone’s relief, Crispin shot water from his mouth and was able to save the house and Sir George’s father. They all cheered for Crispin for saving the day.
In the end, when asked about Crispin not being a typical dragon, his father replied: “My son is something special.” This story is a great lesson for all of us—our differences should be celebrated because they are what make us unique.

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