Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Perfectly Percy

Percy the porcupine absolutely loves balloons and is at his happiest when he’s got one. Unfortunately for Percy, “HAPPY little porcupines with balloons are soon SAD little porcupines.”

Percy is on a mission to figure out a way to keep all of his balloons from popping. After lots of thought and coming up with nothing, he enlists the help of his smart sister, Pearl. Pearl’s ideas, one of which is attaching marshmallows to the end of his quills, are “not very practical.” So, Percy asks his mom for help, but she’s too busy. Percy spends the rest of the day and night trying to come up with a solution to his problem. He has no luck. Finally, the next morning at breakfast, Percy thinks of the perfect way to keep his balloons from popping. It was a “perfectly Percy idea,” and the story ends with Percy, happy as can be, walking away with his in-tact balloon.

Paul Schmid’s book, Perfectly Percy, is a light, feel-good story that will show your child that persistence pays off in the end. You’ll love the message and the adorable illustrations!

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