Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vacation Envy

I’m not going to lie—seeing all of these kids coming into the library during Spring Break has made me a little nostalgic for all of those vacations from school when I was young. And for those who haven’t come in, I’m jealous just imagining all of the exciting (and warm!) places they might be visiting right now…

Spring Break (or any vacation/special activity) provides a new opportunity for you to practice storytelling with your child. Whether or not you went on an exotic vacation, she’ll surely have something to share about a fun activity she did during break. Try having her write a story about it. You can do this together, too. If your little one is too young to write, have her tell you her story, and you can write it out for her. Encourage her to give lots of details in chronological order, including how she felt at different points throughout the story. Afterwards, she can illustrate it. In doing this, not only will she be building her narrative skills, but she’ll also be creating a hand-made keepsake from her adventure.

If you need a little inspiration, or you just want to read a fun vacation book, check out one of my favorites, Froggy Goes to Hawaii, by Jonathan London.

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