Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Can a Crane Pick Up?

Having spent countless hours reading to several nephews who are really into cars, trains, and trucks, I’d say that I’ve read my fair share of stories about construction vehicles. Though these books don’t tend to be my personal favorites, over the years I’ve found some really cute ones that I do love to read. Rebecca Kai Dotlich’s book, What Can a Crane Pick Up?, is one of my new favorites. (It’s also a perfect one to read during our “Dig into Reading” Summer Reading Club, which I’ll tell you more about in next week’s post.)

This rhyming book asks and answers questions about what a crane can do. It discusses some normal things that a crane might pick up: wood, steel, and bricks. It also includes some pretty silly ones: “Can a crane lift men in business suits? Yes! And a load of cowboy boots.” The illustrations that go along with the funny ones are pretty hilarious, too.

Rhyming is such an important pre-reading skill, since it allows for the smaller sounds in words to be heard. So, why not have a little fun after reading the book by helping your child come up with other rhyming things that the crane could pick up? Together, you could even write them down and illustrate them, as though they were additional pages in the book. If you and your kids come up with some fun crane rhymes, I’d love to hear them!

In the spirit of rhyming, I’ll send you off with my own attempt:

If you want to have a little fun,
Read this story on construction.
Come to the library and get this book.
If you can’t find it, we’ll help you look.
It’s really silly, and there’s no doubt,
It’ll give you lots to talk about.
Then create your own silly pages.
With any luck, you’ll be laughing for ages.

Don’t worry; I don’t plan to quit my day job. J

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