Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maya Was Grumpy

“Maya was grumpy. She didn’t know why she was grumpy. She was just in a crispy, cranky, grumpy, grouchy mood.” Sound familiar? The premise of Courtney Pippin-Mathur's new book, Maya Was Grumpy, will surely resonate with parents and kids alike.

Maya, a little girl who’s so grumpy that even her hair looks grumpy (I mean it--check out the picture!), doesn’t want to do any of her favorite things like read, color, or play. In fact, she’s too grumpy to do anything but “grouch around the house and share her bad mood.” The family cat, some birds outside her window, and Maya’s brothers all ignore her grumpy mood. When she thumps and growls behind her grandmother, though, Maya doesn’t get ignored. Instead, her grandmother starts telling her all of the things that she’ll miss today because of her bad mood. Her grandmother’s list, which includes things like bathing baby elephants and sliding down the neck of a giraffe, is silly enough to cause Maya, who’s fighting hard to stay grumpy, to crack a smile and let out a little giggle. And just like that, Maya’s grumps disappear. She gives her grandmother a hug, gets her hair fixed, and heads outside to play on a playground, a playground that gives us a little insight into how her grandmother came up with that silly list. J

Unfortunately, getting rid of a case of the grumps isn’t always this easy, but this book is a good one to read on a grumpy (or regular!) day!

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