Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A puppy with a stick really only needs one thing: a playmate. In Andy Pritchett’s new book, Stick!, Puppy faces just that problem. He tries to enlist playmates with a simple, one-word question: “Stick?” Each of his potential fetch partners replies with a one-word answer: “Grass!” from Cow, “Worm!” from Bird, and “Mud!” from Pig. They were all too busy to play with the, now sad and lonely, Puppy. Just when Puppy thought his chances of finding a stick-throwing pal were ruined, a stick landed right in front of him with a “clunk!” And, (spoiler alert!) it was another puppy! The two puppies had so much fun playing, that the other animals even joined in the fun!

The simple text in this book (only one word per page), makes it a great one for a beginning reader or a little one with a short attention span. Plus, the illustrations are just plain adorable! And really, who doesn’t love a cute story with a happy ending? Come in and check it out today!

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