Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello, My Name is Ruby

The illustrations in Caldecott winner Philip C. Stead’s latest book, Hello, My Name is Ruby, are enough to make it shine. But, the combination of the gorgeous pictures with the absolutely beautiful storyline truly makes it a must-read.

The story follows Ruby, a tiny bird in a big world, who wants nothing more than a friend. She bravely introduces herself to other birds, even ones much bigger than she. Ruby says “hello,” asks questions, and even invites them to go flying with her. Though she’s met with mostly positive responses from the other birds, she does get one rejection, which leaves her standing alone in the rain, singing a “sad song.”

The sun comes out and brings with it a curious bird, Skeepwock, who Ruby names for the sounds he makes. Skeepwock tells Ruby: “I have heard your name before.” Then he shows her a tree full of little birds, just like Ruby. “Ruby floated happily above the treetop.” And in true Ruby fashion, she tells them that she’s glad to meet them and asks: “Would you like to meet my friends?” The book concludes with a heartwarming picture of Ruby and all of her friends gathered together.

You will love Ruby and adore this book!

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