Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Hide a Lion

Going to town to buy a hat seems like a pretty simple task…unless you’re a lion. Since the townspeople were scared of him, they chased the lion away. He ran far until he found a good hiding spot, a child’s play house in a backyard garden. The play house’s owner, a little girl named Iris, wasn’t scared of lions. She wouldn’t let the lion stay in her play house, though, since it was too small for him. Instead, she quietly took him inside her house so that she could properly hide him. After all, “…moms and dads can be funny about having a lion in the house.”

Iris took good care of the lion, brushing leaves out of his mane, bandaging his wounded paw, and finding him good hiding spots. And when no one was looking, Iris and the lion had fun playing together. The fun ended rather abruptly, however, when Iris’s mom came upstairs and saw the lion sleeping. Her scream woke him up, and the frightened lion ran far away, back into town. And there he stayed, in a new hiding place--on a statue, between two stone lions--where he could still see Iris when she came to town.

His new hiding spot seemed to be the best one yet; no one noticed him there, but he was able to see everything that went on in the town. One day, after seeing two burglars break into Town Hall and steal from the mayor, the lion left his hideout to catch the criminals and hold them until the police could come.

The townspeople were shocked, but Iris told them: “'I told you he was a kind lion.’” After that, the townspeople held a parade for their new hero. The grateful mayor told the lion that he could have anything that he wanted. The lion chose a hat, of course, “which was all he’d come to town for in the first place.”

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens is a fun adventure that you and your kids will love reading together!

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