Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No No Yes Yes

If you’re looking for a fun book to read with your toddler, No No Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli might be the perfect choice. Not only is this book hilarious, but it encourages a discussion about right versus wrong. The book features a baby who, on the left-hand pages is doing something rather undesirable, and on the right-hand pages is behaving well. For instance, on one spread, the “no no” page shows the baby pouring his bowl of food on his head, while on the “yes yes” page, he’s feeding himself nicely with his spoon. On another spread, the left-hand page shows the baby eating food from his dog’s bowl, while the right-hand page shows him eating a banana next to the dog, who is eating his own food from the doggie bowl.

While this book will definitely induce laughter from your child, it’s also certain to spark conversation about proper behavior. Your child will enjoy reading this on his own, too, and talking about all of the silly things happening in the illustrations. All in all, this is a fun book with a pretty clear message!

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