Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flip Flap Farm

If you have any animal lovers in your house who enjoy being silly, I have just the book for you! Axel Scheffler’s new book, Flip Flap Farm, is perfect for an afternoon of giggles. In the book, animals are shown making their sounds alongside rhyming descriptions. For instance, the cow’s page includes: “I’m such a useful animal! I give milk twice a day. The more I eat, the more I’ll make, so give me lots of hay!”

Just the animals and their descriptions are great on their own, since rhyming is so important for little ones, helping them hear the smaller sounds in words. The book gets even better, though, when you start turning the pages, which are cut horizontally through the center. When you flip the tops or bottoms of the pages, you can create your own silly animals like a chog (chicken/dog), a murkey (mouse/turkey), or a peep (pig/sheep). Your child will undoubtedly love creating funny animal combinations, reading about them, and making their silly sounds. Enjoy!

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