Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Duck & Goose Go to the Beach

Reading Tad Hills’ latest book in his Duck & Goose series, Duck & Goose Go to the Beach, is the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer vacation. In this most recent adventure, the adorable, feathered friends decided to take a trip, much to Goose’s chagrin: “A TRIP? A trip sounds far away. I like close…A hike? That sounds like a fine way to twist your ankle.” Though he clearly was not too interested in partaking in this adventure, being the good friend that he is, Goose acquiesced. So, off they went, “across fields and up and down hills,” before reaching the top of the highest hill. There, they spotted something they’d never seen before: “'Could it be the beach?’ Goose honked. Duck’s tail twitched with excitement. ‘I’m pretty sure I love the beach!’”

Once at the beach, however, the friends’ roles reversed. The formerly enthusiastic Duck wasn’t so sure of the beach after all, while the once-downcast Goose was having a ball. “[The sand’s] getting in my feathers, and it’s too hot on my feet," said Duck, before suggesting that they go. "Go swimming? Good idea, Duck!" said Goose, racing to the water’s edge. The afternoon continued, with Goose enjoying all things beach-related and Duck likely wishing he had never brought up the idea of taking a trip in the first place.

When their time at the beach was through, the two pals trekked back to their beloved meadow. “They both agreed that it was nice to be home. ‘Duck, where should we go next?’ Goose asked. Duck closed his eyes. ‘How about to sleep?’”

If you like the other Duck & Goose books, you’ll love this new addition. If you’ve never read any of these charming books, it’s certainly not too late to start enjoying them!

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