Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hands & Hearts

A mother-daughter pair making memories at the beach is the subject of Donna Jo Napoli’s new book, Hands & Hearts. The soft, beautiful, watercolor illustrations depict this twosome enjoying a gorgeous summer’s day at the ocean. From dancing on the sand, to splashing in the waves, to building sandcastles, the little girl and her mother take us along on their day-long journey. If you’ve been to the beach, this book is sure to stir up some of your own memories. It’s also a perfect one to share with your child before (to prepare) or after (to reminisce) a vacation to the beach.

My favorite part of this book is that it also includes fifteen different words in American Sign Language (ASL). Each two-page spread includes a highlighted word that is displayed on the side of the page in ASL. Dance, roll, water, and sun are just a few of those ASL words that are shown. What a fun way for you and your little one to learn some words together in a new language!

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