Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Okay to Make Mistakes

If you’re a fan of Todd Parr’s work, you’ll love his latest book, It’s Okay to Make Mistakes. In Parr’s bright, colorful, signature-style, he reminds readers that it’s not just okay to make mistakes, but making mistakes is how we learn! Each two-page spread features a “mistake” along with a positive that could come from it. For example, one page shows a little girl who has fallen from a horse, and the corresponding picture shows her back up on the horse, riding happily: “It’s okay to fall down. You can always get back up.”

With the start of the school year approaching for many (In fact, welcome back today, Centerville students!), this book is a great reminder for those nervous, possibly perfection-seeking, children who tend to be a little too hard on themselves. There’s even a school-related page in the book: “It’s okay to not know the answer. Asking questions helps you learn.” What a terrific message to send children, especially at the start of a new school year!

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