Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just Read!

I just recently came back across an article that I’d read last year and thought that it had some information worth sharing. It’s no surprise that books help children learn language, and it would seem logical that being read complex books would be more beneficial than hearing simpler ones. This, however, is not necessarily the case, according to a British study that monitored mothers who read both simple and complicated books to their two-year-olds. The study concluded that it really doesn’t matter what you read to your children, as long as they’re interested in it and you talk about it: “Reading a picture book with one or two words per page is just as beneficial for a pre-school child as one with long sentences. The key to success is as much talking about what happens in the book as reading any text.” Since books with simpler text tend to spark more complex parent-child conversations, they are just as helpful as more complicated books, which tend to inspire far less dialogue between parents and children. So, next time your little ones insist on picking out a book that you think looks a little too easy, go ahead and allow it. Just talking about what you’re reading can make any book a worthwhile choice!

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