Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Elephant's Bathtime

If you’ve ever had a child go through a period of bathtime-loathing, you’ll get a kick out of Tatyana Feeney’s latest book, Small Elephant’s Bathtime

Small Elephant was a big fan of water. He liked jumping in puddles of water and drinking water through his fancy straw. Basically, he loved all water except for any located in a bathtub. From getting all kinds of cool bath toys to blowing bubbles in the bathroom, Small Elephant’s poor mother tried everything she could to make bathtime more appealing. The more she tried, though, the angrier Small Elephant got. 

Finally, his mother had to pull out the last trick in her book—Daddy. Small Elephant’s daddy was anything but small. In fact, he was so big that when he got into the bathtub, it looked ridiculous enough for Small Elephant to laugh and say: “That’s my bathtub.” Small Elephant got in and loved the bath. His mom’s plan worked like a charm…until bathtime was over. Guess who now loved bathtime a little too much to get out? More than just a chuckle for you, this book is a great way to show a hesitant bather how much fun a bath can be.

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