Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dad's First Day

In honor of Centerville City Schools’ first day back to school today, I wanted to share my favorite back-to-school book this year, Dad’s First Day, by Mike Wohnoutka. This charming and funny story shows that kids aren’t the only ones who get nervous at the start of the school year.

Oliver and his dad had an awesome summer together playing, laughing, singing, and reading. When summer ended and school was about to start, Oliver was excited. The two spent the night before Oliver’s first day packing his lunch and backpack. The next morning, Oliver got ready for school with a big smile on his face. His dad, on the other hand, got an upset stomach. Oliver responded by saying: “It’s okay, Daddy, you’re just a little nervous.”

Not wanting to be late, Oliver rushed to the door to leave. Meanwhile, Oliver’s dad decided that he needed to complete a puzzle first. When Oliver insisted on leaving, his dad found hiding places inside and outside of the house. After Oliver found and dragged his unwilling father to the car, his dad drove very slowly all way to school.

When they finally arrived, Oliver’s dad’s tummy started hurting even more than before. And when it was time to say good-bye, his dad’s hug lasted until he had to be physically removed by Oliver’s teacher. Oliver’s dad went home, but he wasn’t able to get his mind off of Oliver. He was really worried and “his tummy really, really hurt.” He realized that he just wasn’t ready for school, so he jumped in the car and headed back. Just before opening the door to Oliver’s classroom, though, his dad looked in the window and saw Oliver playing, laughing, singing, and reading. He smiled and realized that “Oliver and his dad were ready for school.”

This is a sweet story that can be used to calm the nerves of anyone in the family who might be a little nervous about the start of school.