Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Your Little Wordsmith

Since research shows that children have an easier time reading words with which they’re already familiar, enriching their vocabulary is a great way to help your children become successful readers. Here are a few ways to increase your kids’ vocabulary:

-Speak with your children in the language that you know best and are most comfortable speaking. That way you’ll be able to use more complex language and ideas.

-Use facial expressions and gestures to help your children understand the meaning of words.

-Repeat the same words and phrases. Children learn through repetition.

-Use books and stories as a way to introduce different words and ideas. Books are full of new vocabulary words for kids!

-Discuss a word or idea before reading a book. When you do that, hearing the word again during the book helps to reinforce the meaning.

-Explain an unfamiliar word rather than replacing it with a familiar one.

-Pick out a word from a book, rhyme, or song. For an unfamiliar word, explain it. For a familiar word, tell your child a less familiar word.

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