Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Foxy in Love

Emma Dodd writes some of my favorite children’s stories, and her book, Foxy in Love, is one of my go-to Valentine’s Day choices. It’s sweet and silly and just perfect for sharing around this time of year.

Emily asks her fox pal, Foxy, for help in figuring out what to draw on a special Valentine’s Day card. She wants to draw all of the things she loves, but she’s having trouble narrowing down her options, since she loves so many things. Foxy encourages her to think about what she loves the most, hinting that she should pick him. Instead, Emily spouts off things like balloons and hot chocolate. 

As she lists each of the things she loves, Foxy waves his magical tail to make them appear. Funnily enough, Foxy mishears everything that Emily says, so raccoons show up instead of balloons, and instead of a pot of hot chocolate, a bathtub filled with hot chocolate appears. Finally, after Emily has filled her card with drawings of all of those things, Foxy reminds her that Valentine’s Day is not about what you love; it’s about who you love. And, in the end, Foxy gets his wish of being properly acknowledged by Emily.

After reading this adorable book, try helping your children practice writing by making Valentine’s Day cards for the special people in their lives. 

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