Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good Night Like This

Bedtime stories are a staple in most households with children, and I'm guessing yours is no exception. Most of us look for books that will have a calming effect at the end of the day, to make sure our children feel cozy and safe as they drift off to sleep. Good Night Like This, by Mary Murphy, is a perfect choice. Murphy has authored over a dozen children's books, and this one has such an appealing cover that it would be difficult not to pick it up and take a peek inside. Her signature illustrations are very sweet, with bold outlines and delicate colors which graduate from sunset to soft moonlight through the pages as different animal families show how and where they settle down for the night.

The rhyming text is simple but effectively soothing, and could almost be sung. A squirrel shows its baby how all the other animals are preparing for a night's slumber; alternating half-pages hide the sleeping animals and provide an interactive element to complement the words. "Yawny and dozy, twitchy and cozy" rabbits say goodnight as a bunny is held close, while ducks cuddled in their nest are "tickly and feathery in any old weathery.” As night falls, a mama cat and her kittens become "snorey and furry, stretchy and purry.” Finally, the squirrel lulls its baby to sleep "like this.”

A child's bedtime ritual should be relaxed and loving, and Goodnight Like This fits the bill. So often we know how tired our little ones are at night, but they just need a little help making their way to dreamyland. You may even find yourself taking a tiny catnap after reading it!

Guest post by Bridget W.

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