Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More Than Just Scissors and Glue Sticks!

Here at the Washington-Centerville Public Library, we offer numerous opportunities for artistic play. We have Family Storytimes on Saturdays throughout the month that include a storytime followed by a craft. In the winter, spring, and summer, we have themed activity centers for budding artists. And, we include art activities in a variety of children’s programming. But what do arts and crafts have to do with reading? As it turns out, they are more connected than you might think!

· Artistic play promotes language development. A whole new vocabulary of creative words is introduced through arts and crafts projects.

· Artistic play inspires narrative skill. Preschoolers can make up stories or songs that go along with their artwork. Write down their stories so they can tell them over and over again!

· Artistic play encourages critical thinking and decision making. Our little ones must decide on colors to use, ways to cut and glue, where to position the facial features, and how to solve problems that arise.

· Artistic play builds motor skills. Cutting, gluing, and coloring help build fine motor skills that are important precursors to writing.

· Artistic play forms strong hand-eye coordination. The integration of vision and motor skills is critical to the physical process of being able to turn pages and follow the words on the page.

So come and join us this spring for our Spring Break Activity Center now through April 10th and for our April Family Storytimes: “Sneaky Ninjas” on April 16th and “Hop to It” on April 23rd. It’s a lot more than just scissors and glue sticks!

Guest post by Jo C. 

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