Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Now?!

Choosing books that are both appropriate and engaging for your children may be difficult, especially with all the choices that are out there! To help the process, here are some questions that you can ask yourself when looking through the library stacks:

-What topics interest my children the most?

Your children will be more likely to not only listen to the story while you’re reading it, but also pick it up on their own if it contains a subject that interests them. You can ask them about what they’d like to read, or just think about what subjects you’ve heard them mention. We have books about almost anything!

-Is this book an appropriate length for my child?

Young children do not have the attention span to sit still and listen to lengthy stories. Books with silly words, rhyming schemes, or repetition will help your child stay engaged in the story and will allow them to “help” tell the story.

-Is this book part of a series?

Many books written for children are part of a series or at least have the same main character. Children will recognize these characters and want to read books that are familiar to them.

-Do you, as an adult, find this book interesting?

If you are excited about a book, your children will pick up on that feeling and be excited with you! Children also like to read the same book over and over, so picking a book that you like will help you sound just as happy to be reading it as you did the first time, even if it’s the 50th!

Guest post by Sarah H. 

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