Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making Print Pop!

Print awareness refers to a child's understanding of the nature and uses of print. There are several ways that you can make your child aware of print. When reading books, point to the words and follow along with your finger. You can also point out the words on signs when you’re out and about in your daily life. Recognizing that print exists is an important pre-reading skill because children need to realize that print is there for a reason, it is separate from the illustrations, it is organized in certain ways, and it represents the words and the sounds we say when we talk. In fact, a study found that when teachers did brief print awareness activities when they read, their students became much more attuned to print concepts, and two years later, “[c]ontrolling for fall of preschool emergent literacy skills, children in the high-dose STAR condition had higher word reading, spelling, and comprehension outcomes than children in the comparison condition.”

Guest post by Sarah H. 

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