Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hoot and Peep

Having an older or younger sibling can occasionally be a challenge, and children sometimes need to take their own time to recognize and understand the bonds that bind them to other family members. Hoot and Peep, by Lita Judge, is a sweet story of an older brother, Hoot, who proudly feels he has lots to teach his younger sister Peep about living a proper “owly” life. Hoot is more inclined to follow rules and long-standing traditions, and he grows frustrated with Peep, a free spirit who chooses to follow her heart and make full use of her active imagination. As they fly among the rooftops of Paris, each has something to learn from the other.

Children (and adults) often find it difficult to resist an owl, and these owls are cuter than most. The illustrations are very inviting, with beautiful blue backgrounds and large owl eyes to draw the reader in. The youngsters’ moods are captured perfectly throughout, and this translates extremely well in the reading of the book. It’s likely that Peep’s sweet song of “schweepity peep” and “dingity dong” will make you and your children fall in love with her.

Of course big brother comes to understand and appreciate his sister’s unique outlook on the world, but the story’s resolution doesn’t feel forced. This book is a lovely example of how children can find their way to mutual respect and appreciation without compromising their own personalities. Please give this book a look ~ your children will thank you!

Guest post by Bridget W. 

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