Wednesday, December 21, 2016

There's a Bear on My Chair

Poor Mouse has a problem that’s proving very difficult to solve: there’s a bear on his chair! Mouse gives the bear a “nasty glare,” tries to “tempt him with a pear,” and tries to give the bear a scare by jumping out in his underwear, but nothing works. Finally, Mouse disappears, and the polar bear, finding himself alone, returns to his igloo to discover a “mouse in my house!”

By now, you can probably guess that this delightful story is told entirely in rhyme. Mouse’s anger and frustration and the bear’s oblivion to it are shown in the very humorous and expressive illustrations. The rhyme and rhythm of this story make it a great choice for reading aloud. There’s a Bear on My Chair, by Ross Collins, is sure to be an instant classic!

Guest post by Allison C. 

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