Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Everybunny Dance!

Everybody loves bunnies, especially as the weather starts to look and feel like spring. Ellie Sandall’s Everybunny Dance! has the power to delight readers of all ages with its festive mood and fun, rhythmic text. Children will want to dance along with the colorful herd of bunnies, especially one in a tutu and another in a bow tie, to the tune of "clap your paws, and twist and twirl, and shake your tail, and wiggle and whirl." Next the bunnies play instruments along to the beat, sing together, and then run when they notice a fox, seemingly on the prowl. They hide, watch, and wait nervously, but are pleasantly surprised when the fox joins in the fun, even playing a clarinet! Realizing that fox is just looking for some friendship and an audience, the bunnies celebrate his performance.

The simplicity of the rhymes and the bright illustrations make this a wonderful choice for toddlers and preschoolers. There’s plenty of physical activity to involve them in, which can be helpful at this time of year, when cabin fever has started to set in. Your children may choose to form a parade or a dance line at home or school, and want to "run and jump and dance and play, all together, every day." As an added bonus, it could also be used as a math exercise, as there are multiple spotted bunnies on each page, just waiting to be counted. Everybunny Dance! is cute and fun, and has a heartwarming outcome ~ everything you could want in a children’s book!

Guest post by Bridget W. 

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