Wednesday, March 15, 2017


A lone fox stands at the edge of a marsh full of wetland animals as raindrops begin to fall. The sky darkens, the rain falls harder, and the wind begins to blow as a storm approaches. As the storm increases in intensity, the fox seeks shelter and finds it in a fallen hollow log. The storm ends, and the fox emerges from his shelter to see blue skies, blooming flowers, and budding trees. A rainbow appears as he is reunited with his family.

This simple story of a rainstorm and its aftermath is told through onomatopoeic rhyming text in a rhythm that is perfect for reading aloud. The raindrops “drip, drop, plip, plop, pitter, patter, pat” and the ducks “splish, splosh, swish, slosh” in the marsh. The watercolor illustrations perfectly depict the marsh and its inhabitants, the energy of the storm, and the peaceful aftermath. There is an afterword with simple explanations of an ecosystem, watershed, and the water cycle. Watersong, by Tim McCanna, is an engaging look at nature that is a feast for the eye and ear and sure to be a favorite of kids and their grownups alike!

Guest post by Allison C. 

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