Friday, February 19, 2010

Talking to Grown-Ups

Let's face it, talking to grown-ups is a necessity.  Even I'd rather not do it sometimes, but that's why I work with kids.  This is an especially important skill for children to learn early on.  Part of preparing your child for school is helping him/her get comfortable talking to adults other than parents and family members.

The library is the perfect place to practice! Let your child ask the questions. Don’t feel the need to hurry your child; we are fully prepared to be patient while he or she articulates a question. We do our best to work with young children in a way that is warm and supportive so that they walk away with just the right book and a sense of self-confidence. 

Question we love to answer: How many books can you check out?
Answer: 100! (Cue squeals of surprise and delight)

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